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Once the software is installed you can click on the speech link and select "Save". The audio file will be downloaded to your local hard drive. Again, remember where you are saving the file. When the download is completed just double click on the Hobson.dss file or the Lott.dss file and it will open automatically in the DSS Player Lite. If you want to have the file open as soon as it is downloaded, select "Open" instead of "Save" when prompted.

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Visit our archives:
2003 Annual Meeting: 
"Time for the Offense:
Arm Yourself with WaterwaysTruths"

2003 Budget Summit
Keynote address:   Congr. Kenny C. Hulshof
Presentation:  Robert F. Vining, Chief,
Programs Management Division, U.S. Army
Corps of Engineers

2002 Annual Meeting
"Waterways Greatest Challenge:
Sustaining Environmental Values
While Assuring Economic Security"












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