2004 Budget Summit
March 9-10, 2004
Holiday Inn - C Street, Southwest
Washington, DC

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2003 Annual Meeting
"Time for the Offense:
Arm Yourself with Waterways Truths"
Many thanks to those who attended our 2003 Annual
Meeting in Houston on September 24-26. 

For information about the presentations made at the meeting, click here

The National Waterways Conference, Inc.

From the nation's earliest days, low-cost water transportation has allowed America to grow and prosper. But Federal waterways proposals sometimes threaten the country's economic growth. The National Waterways Conference was founded to ensure adequate waterways investment and to encourage a sensible approach to user taxes and fees.

Since 1960, the National Waterways Conference has worked to ensure the wisest management of America's waterways. By promoting a greater understanding of the public value of the nation's waterways, the Conference garners support for fair and even-handed Federal waterways policies.

Our organization brings together farming, mining, manufacturing, refining, shipping and other economic sectors which rely on ports, waterway transportation and flood protection. Leaders of nearly 400 businesses, industries, cooperatives, state and local public agencies, utilities, ports and terminals actively participate in the Conference.

The Conference serves as the secretariat for the NATIONAL WATERWAYS ALLIANCE, a loose-knit coalition of scores of trade and regional associations, cooperatives, businesses and industries, ports, waterways services, and labor organizations that have an interest in national waterways policy issues. This Website includes many background papers and reports developed by the alliance.

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